Amigo Bartendar

Bartend in a large facility making drinks for casino, retaurant and bar area. Greet and wait on customers in a timely fashion. Resolve all customer complaints and other duties as assigned. Prepare for opening/closing the facility.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Set satellites to appropriate channels
• Continually watch TV's and programming them and adjusting volume levels as needed
• Monitor music and lighting as needed
• Make premium drinks for casino
• Wait on customers in the bar and other areas as needed
• Clean all areas as needed:
        - Front and back of bar
        - Cocktail trays
        - Ice scoops
        - Bar mats
        - Glassware
        - Margarita machine
        - Wash and fill condiment trays
        - Windex cooler doors
        - Other cleaning as necessary
• Cover employee breaks as needed
• Check and fill well liquors
• Ability to bartend proficiently
• Account for all money including tills
• Verify check-outs of employees
• Settle credit cards (Aloha and Omni)
• Ability to change kegs
• Run food as needed
• Cut & fill lemons, limes, olives, cherries, etc.
• Assist when needed for extra projects
• Be available for fill in as needed
• Answer phones and take to-go orders as needed
• Check bathrooms for cleanliness


• Must be certified to serve alcoholic beverages (60 days from date of hire)
• Team player
• Dependable
• Ability to bartend
• Excellent communication skills, oral and written
• Conduct yourself in a professional manner
• Excellent customer service skills
• Responsive to customer needs
• Handle customer complaints
• Flexible scheduling according to business operations
• Ability to adapt to change
• Organization and time management skills
• Ability to multitask
• Trustworthy
• Supervisor experience preferred
• Positive attitude and open to feed back
• Knowledge of Aloha system
• Basic computer knowledge
• Accurate money handling skills
• Knowledge of Omni operations

Essential Functions:

• Be able to stand and walk for up to 10 hours daily
• Stand in place for long periods of time
• Be able to bend and lift as needed, up to 50 lbs
• Be able to shop and physically carry items to and from different locations
• Be able to crawl, twist and turn
• Be able to read and write

I understand that TROHN LLC/EMAC LLC/Kelbros LLC/TROHN Vending LLC and Good Friends reserve the right to revise this job description as needed.